Monday, June 25, 2012


This week is probably the single most important week so far of my career.  I feel sick to my stomach with nerves even thinking about what all is happening in the next few days!  Even thinking that this is now just DAYS away and not months or weeks anymore is terrifying.  In the center of this carnival that is my life lately, I had the opportunity to drive to Dallas (3 whole hours ALONE??).  I can't tell you the last time I drove anywhere alone, and I don't mean running to the grocery store half a mile away.  I love my girls, but everyone needs some me-time and I was secretly a little excited to get to have some of that this weekend.   My husband said "you're always driving alone".  Well just because he isn't with me, but there are 2 little girls in the back, does not mean I'm alone.  So Saturday morning I loaded my cd case - yes I'm old school and still sometimes listen to my cds - grabbed a Peace Tea and a cherry mash and headed south.  I rolled the window down and scream-sang the whole way.  I played  all my favorite old cds, all my favorite 90's music...some Aretha, U2...If you've never done this, do it.  It's good for your soul!  There is so much going on lately, with my business and my first Junk Hippy show coming up this weekend, and my grandpa fighting lymphoma for the second time in 8 was good to escape a little, even if it was just for 3 hours.  We all get so busy taking care of work, family, home, etc...we forget to take care of ourselves too.  Here's to me-time!  xoxo, KG