Friday, May 18, 2012

My Fred Sanford House is {always} getting a REDO!

This is NOT my Fred Sanford house, as much as I wish it was...this is actually Meg Ryan's house!

As a junker, I have ended up with a lot of burlap, and shabby chic...  Don't get me wrong, I love burlap and shabby chic!  But that just really isn't now I am in the big middle of a big clean out!!  Our house is a never ending project....I don't think any room is ever really "done" around here.  It's always evolving!  Even our 4 year old has begged me to stop swapping her furniture out!  That's one of the hard parts of what I always find something better and it's a constant rotation of furniture!  This is what inspires me (this week anyway)!  If you've been to my pinterest,, I have a board called "Spanish Vintage Dream House".  This is what I'm working towards!  What do you think?  These photos were taken from MEG RYAN'S MLS listing!

I actually found some chairs like these yesterday!!  I bought them from my friend Jennifer and now they are sitting in my garage waiting for their redo!  This photo is from Kenny Chesney's home, courtesy of Hooked On Houses!  If you haven't been to that site, you have GOT to go check it out!!

What do ya'll think?

Happy junkin!

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