About Me

I am a 30 (cough) something year old wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, artist, creative soul, and junker.  I've worked at a million 8-5 jobs, stuck at a desk counting the minutes until lunch, then counting the minutes again until 5. I always knew that wasn't the path for me.  I remember in 7th grade Guidance class, telling everyone I wanted to be a designer.  I grew up with a dad, grandpa, and 3 uncles who were painters.  House painters, and the best painters I've ever seen.  I always felt an attraction to art, architecture, design, and have always had a deep love for old houses...I grew up in old houses, my friends all lived in old houses.  I love the character they have...the creaky old floors, the high ceilings...I've grown up with a deep affection in my heart for anything that's a little worn, with a story and a soul.  I knew, sitting at my last desk job in 2007, that the corporate/rat race/cubicle world was NOT for me.  I needed to be creative!  I wanted to MAKE something, and work for myself!  I didn't want to waste my life away working for someone in the big corner office who didn't even know my NAME.  And nothing can squash your creativity quite like sitting in an office all day.  I quit my day job April of 2007 and have never looked back. 

I've had sort of a complex pretty much as long as I've been able to decorate my own space (12-ish), that it had to be different from anyone else's!  I don't want the whole room-in-a-box.  In 2002, my husband (then, boyfriend) had this huge, bulky old dresser that he had had since he was little (70's).  Back then I was way obsessed with POTTERY BARN, and they had this gorgeous white piece called the Nanctucket Console Table, with the baskets on the bottom and perfect stacks of books and picture frames on top....  We decided, SURELY we can do that too...  We removed the huge mirror with shelves, knocked out the bottom drawers, and cut a sheet of plywood to make a bottom where the drawers had been.  We primed, painted, distressed, and changed the knobs.  BAM!  We had our own Nantucket Console!  Yippeee!!  And I was HOOKED!  To this day, I have owned 3 pieces of furniture that I have purchased from a furniture store.  Almost everything we own, has once belonged to someone else.  Everything in our home has a story, a history, and a makeover. 

I started Gypsy Green in the fall of 2010.  February, 2011 I was invited to share a booth space with a friend at (gasp!) An Affair of the Heart!!  This is Oklahoma's largest craft show, 7 buildings and 25,000 people....I had gone with my mom to this every year and every year have thought to myself, I would LOVE to do this!!  How lucky are these people to be here!!  Wish I could do this!!  Well I did it!  And I worked and painted and worked and painted...and ended up selling everything but a box of small items and 2 chairs.  I made $1,000 that weekend.  To me,  that was a huge success!!  It just exploded after that, with custom orders coming in steadily, more shows, more customers, and all the while, my SOUL was finally on the path I belonged!  I was creating, doing something new and original, and it was working!!  People actually LIKED what I was doing! 

I'm a firm believer in finding your dreams, and chasing them!  You have to believe in yourself, your soul, your intuition, and follow those little clues you get along the way.  A very dear friend told me, when your head and your heart are on the same page, amazing things can happen.  As I'm writing this, my business has now become our sole income for our family.  It is a full-time, thriving, BUSINESS.  It's actually happening, and I am so grateful everyday that it has become what it is now.  Make your wishes, believe that they are coming your way, you deserve it!  We all were meant to be happy in our lives!  The last couple years, I really have the peaceful feeling that I've found my place in the world, my own little niche and all is well in my universe.  I've never been comfortable in my own skin, or really had my own identitiy.  Set your intentions, believe they are real, and watch them become your reality!

Thanks for visiting, I hope something in this blog touches your heart.  I want you to leave feeling inspired, uplifted, and ready to make the leap into what ever it is you dream of for your own life.  xoxo, KG


  1. Great story! I'm looking forward to a Junk Swap! : )