Friday, July 6, 2012


Last Saturday, I did something I never REALLY thought I could....or maybe I did...
I organized a junk show with 90 vendors, rented a building at the state fairgrounds...I created Junk Hippy!  Something just clicked with everyone and it WORKED.  A vendor told me yesterday "it was a meeting of kindred spirits".   That is exactly right!  I remember someone telling me at 10 min before we opened to go look outside...I went out and the line was wrapped around the building!  People CAME!!!  It was the most overwhelming feeling I've felt in a very long time...I had to hide behind the waterfall and cry, and as my aunt told me later, and I was telling myself at the time, "suck it up Nancy and get to work!!  I was just amazed how well it had turned out!  Our vendors were awesome, the shoppers were awesome....I honestly believe, and this was proven to me Saturday...if you go into something with good intentions and gratitude, and treat people with kindness and respect, success will come to you.  How can you run a business otherwise?  You get what you give!  I genuinely wish I could take all these vendors with me to every show.  It was a crazy, fun, busy, magical day and I am filled with gratitude for it!  I'm still a little junk drunk from this amazing show but it's off to work again, getting ready for Amarillo!  Thank you, thank you to everyone who was a part of this, vendors, shoppers, volunteers....I couldn't have done it without you!!
xoxoxo, KG

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  1. It was so fun! I couldn't believe how many people came! All the vendors were awesome. There was something for everyone! Can't wait to do this again! Great job!