Thursday, July 12, 2012


This may be unprofessional, dramatic, whatever....but I really have put this out there.  I love my job.  My job that I created.  That no one can fire me from, I can make it as big or small as I want it to be, take this wherever I want to go.  I want to say too, I have the BEST friends and family a girl could ever ask for!  I LOVE my junk friends, I LOVE my circle of girlfriends and am flooded with support with everything I do!

This is what my problem is....I KNOW I'm not the only one in this business doing what I do.  What I don't get is why it seems that some people have turned this business into a junk war...they are out for blood, undermining, sneaky...and seem to be trying to win some sort of battle with me that they have created.  I love what I do, I try to treat my vendors and customers with respect, and make it a fun, positive experience...I am not out to win anything, out do anyone, or compete with anyone.  I believe, and I've said this a billion times...if you have the wrong intentions, you won't make it very far.  If you're doing what you do so you can beat someone, win the race, steal the vendors, out junk everyone else....people notice that.  They notice the way you treat others.  They feel your negativity you send out.  Also, if you are entering into something with good intentions, positivity, and love in your heart, people feel that too.  They appreciate kindness and respect, and I think you attract others who work that way.  You get what you give.

I had a recent experience with one of these "competitors" who shall remain nameless....I just sat back and watched and thought, is this really how you represent your business and yourself?  I'm not even sure how they make it all, treating people the way they did.  I'm still a little shocked by seeing their true colors the way I did, but I'm grateful that I got that glimpse of who they really are.  It's like highschool, only worse.  I'm just not taking part in the war.  And another group of these people competing with me... Is it a coincidence that I make a huge announcement and hours later they make basically the same announcement?  Don't think so.  Ya'll do what you hateful, unprofessional, negative... I'm plowing on past ya.  If that's the way you choose to be then so be it.

I have been blessed beyond belief with my first Junk Hippy show.  We have several more coming up, and I plan on each one being as successful and fun and positive as the first!  We are going to grow and make new junk friends and travel around and have a good time!  I'm not doing this in spite of these people....I'm doing this because I have an AMAZING group of vendors, who are NICE, and fun, and love what they do as much as I do!  And that's what is important to me.  I'm not in this to take anyone down, or ruin someone else's dream.  If you want to put on a craft/junk/antique show, go for it!  I wish them the best, just wish they could enjoy the ride instead of concentrating on how to make me crash and burn.  Who would've ever thought the junk biz would be so cut throat?? 

I am so grateful to do what I do, for all those who are a part of it, and for everything it's going to be!! 

See ya'll down the road!
xoxo -KG

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